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The YBA Wealth Portal

  • Do you worry about your family cash flow?

  • Do you know what you are spending and on what?

  • Do you know what you are worth and what you owe to third parties?

  • Do you struggle to refinance your property because of the burden of putting together the details for the bank?

  • Do you worry about refinancing because you don't really know what your assets are worth?

  • Do you have to spend time each year putting everything together for your tax return?

  • Would you like to set targets to pay off debt or work out the true value or cost of a loan?

  • Do you have a will?

  • If something happened to you, are you confident those you leave behind would be able to easily deal with your affairs?

contact us

Reach out to us today and we can guide you through getting all this set up. 

take control

Streamline your Finances and streamline your taxes with Your Business Accountants.  Through a subscription to our Wealth Portal you can take control. 

simplify your life

Plus of course the added benefit that because you have everything to hand we can ensure you claim the full amount of deductions you are entitled to, ones which you may overlook because you haven't kept a particular piece of paper and you find it too time consuming at the year end to find it out.



I am interested in learning about the YBA Wealth Portal and how it can benefit me

set up your will within the YBA Wealth Portal

50% of Australians don’t have a will.


Use the wealth portal’s estate planning features to get your affairs in order. Get a new will or if you already have one, upload it to the wealth portal alongside the other important documents your executor and heirs might need.

ultimate peace of mind


Your wealth portal’s myprotection area helps you keep all your important documents organised. Upload your will, insurances, and instructions so your loved ones know exactly where to find them

get a will from the experts


Don’t have a will? The Will Wizard asks a series of simple questions to assess your estate planning needs. If appropriate, it’ll generate a will for you and your spouse from a template provided by specialist law firm, View Legal.

create an Executor Kit


Don’t leave your loved ones in the lurch. Upload your signed will to the wealth portal and create an Executor Kit - a summary document outlining your wishes and estate - so your executor has everything they need

the right will at the right time


Should you have more complex estate planning wishes - overseas beneficiaries, a family trust, etc. - the Will Wizard will notify your adviser so they can introduce you to a specialist law firm.

set_01_Concepts-Laptop 1.png


Know with confidence your information is safe.


Bank Level Security


You can be confident that your important information is safe. We use the same 256-bit encryption and physical security that banks use to protect your private details and our practices are monitored and verified by Verisign and supported by McAfee Security.


Trusted by over 60 million worldwide


We have partnered with Yodlee - the same technology chosen by 600 leading banks, financial institutions and companies around the globe - to provide a robust, secure and customer centric platform.


No one can touch your money


As this is a ‘read-only’ service, your money is untouchable - by you and anyone else! The purpose is to organise and analyse your finances, not to pay bills or transfer money. There is no functionality to allow you to move funds in or out of any accounts so your cash is


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